the real to the unreal

too hot, on the bed that night
shirts off, in the phantom light
of the city, in this hardened land
skin on skin, under the ceiling fan
   one step forward on the beam of life
then one more, above the pale abyss
and onward, even, kiss for kiss
upon each eye to charm your sight
   i pray, let me enter and cease to be,
take my essence into your life,
be yourself to give birth to me,
use my stillness to ease your strife
   the scene, you on the bed tonight
complete, in the phantom light
of the city, in this fleeting land,
ever holding an empty hand



Dark home family childhood, My friends and family are my life and my acquaintances are my life, Internal infinite kingdom, Skeleton framework of location/existence comes to--Cellular reds respirating--life 

you can stare and be conquered by the chaos of the peaceful sea

or you can shut your eyes to the watery blaze

and try to submerge the sound of waves

deep in panicked aversion

but still it crashes and crashes and still it crashes it crashes still it crashes still


lost in the light-dappled darkness 

the striations in the cloud-stricken stars 

scatter a greeting: welcome and goodbye

welcome and goodbye to our ancient future



(the point in spacetime when coalescence of self completed)
(inviting many to celebrate, receiving one
decorations and cake
like a slash to the face)
(existent then)
(behold the gift
this necklace of blood crystals
dappled with shimmering teardrops
it dazzles as it chokes)


i want to see the sea

in other words, self consciousness
at the boundary of individual throbbing into collective
like order seeks to inseminate itself into high entropy
on land, knowing the empty sky by its radiation
a pair of seagulls circling manhattan towers seek and seek


youtube / the house

Sure but if you go back far enough, everyone is guilty, and everyone is innocent. And that grand breakeven doesn’t cleanse you or me or anyone. The thirst for blood has never lessened in the throat of man. How many of the 2.4M people who watched this youtube video on elevating consciousness ever escaped the prison of their minds? More or less than the number who clicked the ad for the unisex jewelry brand sponsoring it? Nobody knows these analytics. The battle march continues in narrow hallways that lead to echo chambers. If the storm doesn’t last, I’ll miss my chance to go for a run in the broken splashing beams of rainlight, and my life will have shrunk the length of another video, this one on vulnerability in the corporate workplace. The likes and comments are buoying the notion of capitalism as religion. The crowd is going wild. In the time it took me to detect the bullshit and hey siri the hourly forecast, the rain stopped, so I kept watching. 

This house has no exterior because its tenants have no interior. The battle march continues in narrow hallways leading to echo chambers echo echo chambers leading to echo. Every would-be quiet corner of escape and solitude overflows with ever-growing shiny useless products, and greasy bones, and radioactive soot, and stacked boxes of long-held, longer-forgotten memories, individually formed and collectively discarded. The black in the windows isn't night. A knock at the door retracts itself into the void. No one can live here yet everyone does, alone.


another opiate open-wide day along

a long long line of dread wrapping

like a thread around a throat to mute

a thought left alone to sleepwalk off

a cliff and go deep down in the dark

of the day in the run-on stream of time

carrying it all away and around again

to another wide-open opiate day along

a dead long line of dread wrapping

like a throat around a cry to kill

a hope left alone to sleepwalk off

a cliff and go deep down in the dark

of the night in the run-on stream of time

carrying it all around and away again



you wanna eat until you're full
you wanna live until you die
you wanna love until you're loved
then quit 
and say goodbye 
when people ask what happened
you want silence in reply 
the hollow sound of guilt
echoing a hundred whys -
and when you're dust - to dust
and maybe finally adored
you'll wanna want again
but you can't


lazy sunday

on a lazy sunday the pain doesn't idle,
i wash the outsides of my apartment windows,
straining on the inside ledge wondering why even,
trying not to fall out or daring i do,
taking a shower, still as watched prey,
detecting the calculus in a grid of water droplets on tile,
i see it's just a system superdetermined.
listening to ___ from twenty years ago,
it floods into my ears and out my eyes,
tears falls from the past to the present for the future:
when i returned to ___ and learned that joy isn't for keeping,
when i met ___ and understood the deceit of love,
when i roamed the streets a beast and came home a stone,
when i killed ___ through negligence and stupidity,
when i'll witness ___ and feel the freedom of loss,
each moment is permanent vapor,
blending into the spring air
flowing in through the bathroom window,
laughter and screams aloft.


Each dawn I cling to wishful visions dreamt,
As darkness shows the truth, so light conceals
cherished nightmares unowned but lent
by generous makers of the unreal,
To see them born here would be to heal
one thousand cuts, which signal not
some unjust torture nor dare reveal
an innocence, upon waking wrought,
But do bleed anew with each vile thought.


it's not good it's not wet like the underbelly of a petal
it's not green it's not pregnant there's no bliss
and now matter how i turn it it takes no highlight
plants no shadow

i wonder if left alone
if i walk away
it'll unfold and break into itself and just
be, and be alright


large withdrawal

there's plenty of time to be late
so why not stand in the longest line
turbocharge my zen
here #3 of 5

poor teller
awful undeserving teller
a throwaway moment for
everyone here

want not waste not
is that applicable?
this place is a cozy wreck
there's ample space to suffocate
in a stampede 

it's my party i can cry if i want to,
sigh if i want to
die and i want to

my life in the line
actually feels fine
#3 of 7 now
moving on up


o frost,
you call, imbue
my skin with deadness that i may not
touch the grassy softness of spring,
my mind with veils of ice that i may not
know the birth of joy-giving birth that i may
settle into familiar dark alone-making rest

for long asleeping keeping
still, and in stillness
stay, and in staying 
seek the signs, without seeing

until i can regenerate in reverse
and arise dream-divested,
hollowed, hallowed, starving for the onslaught of life


Out on the trail founded by a hundred thousand steps 
of beasts and beat-upon men do I wind,
ill-received and undeserving, under then among then above
a roiling cloud face rippling from sneer into filmy impassivity,
concealing there a patient darkening presence.
Even here am I watched, ever here does it wait.

Out in the rain and among lone glories in a naked earthen sea,
within the sun at set and wind at rise do I sense
a growing lack, maybe there in the shadow of the fallen pine,
now maybe there in the groaning branches in mossy bondage,
an approaching nothing, like the nearing labored breathing of the mare,
burdened yet freer than me alza el vuelo do we silent partners climb.

Out in the roaring mist of the summit comes one
who is always arriving, who I never meet but always know.
High above in the tectonic song of ancient fire wails a threat
only I can hear calling back through time a vision blinding.
Within the joy of rest and divine affection of nature do I stare into the black
at the formless beast that need not follow as it here remains, 
that need not seize what it already owns.


i took the shape from the cloud and put it on my phone
i took the call from the bird and lost it in the street
i got the thrust from the wind and tossed it in a drawer
i took the life of a lamb and shat it out
i got time to live and sold it for a watch

i got a timepiece and spent
time measuring time

i measured the correctness of the shape
the rarity of the call
the reliability of the thrust
the pleasure from the lamb
the value of time


(in the style of aimee mann)

what a prisoner feels
it ain't wanderlust
no matter what the trial reveals
it's the chair, or bust,

whenever the right time was
to finally come clean
it wasn't worth the fuss
and without the means,

to lead the witness
or doctor the scene
they see a recidivist 
low down and mean,

in the game of crime,
you eked one win
(who's keeping score?)
called in the chaplain
to absolve your sin
(walk through the door)
we marked the time
when the lights went dim
(what was it for?)


couldn't sleep,
three nights now, 2am
dream of school again, or
cemetery, similar vibes

broken by the hushed
sirens outside,
urge to piss, and
god it's hot in here

subjugated and stupefied midday,
asserts its power at 2am
  imagination that tortures,
  analyses across time and space,
  pointless or destructive
  or destruction's the point?,
  painted hypotheticals,
  vividly self-evident,
  showy cartwheels,

an organ doing its thing,
not the soul, not
poetic, despite the poem
it creates of itself, awake

then, thankless and unseen,
eventual expansion into emptiness,
flush to the borderline
between consciousness
and -