lept in boiling lake
all that glitters is - up for grabs
and drowning us
all that's true is - up for debate
and eluding us

midas on the tire swing
midas on the 'gram
styrofoam scepter - grasped by cancer
jump, pussy jump

the followed follows
reality cleaves
the splash is posed
like a question

asked faultily, unanswered rightly
how will we ever get out
the cost rises in plumes
untotalled, mingling with acid


death and gifts lain out by hands that have never another shook

the drowning meets the drowned on the way home


outside the sphere of influence

and the diamond of violence

i gurgle, braindead.

a man in power authorizes

a windfall of fire

a man in power sleeps

in the manner i sleep

alike, both wide-eyed with

terror, in plush linen