tall palmetto weighed heavy with rain dripping on the prairie made a lake by eight days of storms from the southeast

a boy laying on his side wakes up wet his face is even with the rising sun on the horizon the glittered veil shimmering above the lake of diamond dust before him makes him shut his eyes


i'm sure if i stay here long enough something will happen. someone will ask me for directions. the wind will pick up. the stars will fall out of the sky. if i keep my eyes open without waking up i'll see something. not a dream, a dream in a dream? a dream in a dream... i don't feel anything coming. am i more beautiful asleep? am i more seen at nighttime? the wind hasn't changed. that cloud is sleeping. something is going to happen. something when i wake up from waking up--the dream will show me myself, show me falling stars, ask me questions, push me in some direction.



the storm has passed. now i have brief time for leisure. i am listening to real music again. have been thinking of my favorite bands (not solo artists). they have changed drastically over time. past favorites include belle & sebastian, low, and cocteau twins. boat/natsumen is my all-time fave. but nagisa ni te is my current fave and will be for some time, i think. they are honest, simple and organic without being safe or sappy. also, japanese music has a firm, black and twisted hold on my heart.

I stopped stifling my breath
And inhaled deeply

In a place without words
My insides split open

Just like that
I ran outside, my feet bare

It happened like a dream
Too transiently
Like ash flying

I want to know more
About the light

Again and again over and over exhaling
Until I turn transparent

My body floating in water
Holding your hand


i am in the ukraine, working.

this is a pic from my last trip to ukraine. i would like to repeat this experience.