the storm has passed. now i have brief time for leisure. i am listening to real music again. have been thinking of my favorite bands (not solo artists). they have changed drastically over time. past favorites include belle & sebastian, low, and cocteau twins. boat/natsumen is my all-time fave. but nagisa ni te is my current fave and will be for some time, i think. they are honest, simple and organic without being safe or sappy. also, japanese music has a firm, black and twisted hold on my heart.

I stopped stifling my breath
And inhaled deeply

In a place without words
My insides split open

Just like that
I ran outside, my feet bare

It happened like a dream
Too transiently
Like ash flying

I want to know more
About the light

Again and again over and over exhaling
Until I turn transparent

My body floating in water
Holding your hand

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