ohana means family

when you live in nyc, you get a lot of strange visitors. some friends visited during a rush of good weather. spring ate and ran. we went to the park and saw kentuckians marry. we gawked at sunbathers on the christopher street pier. we angered security guards. we ate a lot. we bitched a lot. and through it all, we learned and loved to hate.



chest hurts with expected surprise at lack of notice given when all signals as misdirected and divided pulses have been sent over the ocean on shimmering harp strings though covered in wet dust dry moss hugged by fog, be still but still but still but confess: (unreadable) maybe scrawling out a dream sequence as a substitute for directness isn't cutting deep or clean enough for world's idiots to decipher that (unreadable) heart is calcium decaying every day like shells on shores, all life moving with bone and all emotion pushing out salt and all avoidance attracting as (unreadable) to (unreadable).

rosetta stone:

fragment- invest time and/or energy in fill in the blank
fragment- a well thought-out stream of conciousness
fragment- abandonment, soaring flags over vallies


kate bush in books

when i read wuthering heights, i pictured catherine, the spirited protagonist, to look like kate bush because of the latter's famous song. then i read the idiot in which i cast kate bush as the tragic, fiery nastasya filippovna. and these days, i've given her the lead role in tolstoy's anna karenina. maybe my casting choices are getting predictable. kate's probably tired of playing strong and beautiful. i'm also reading the sailor who fell from grace with the sea, which is set in the seaport city of yokohama after world war II. i can probably find a brutish japanese boatman role for her... something without any lines, more like a cameo...