the real to the unreal

too hot, on the bed that night
shirts off, in the phantom light
of the city, in this hardened land
skin on skin, under the ceiling fan
   one step forward on the beam of life
then one more, above the pale abyss
and onward, even, kiss for kiss
upon each eye to charm your sight
   i pray, let me enter and cease to be,
take my essence into your life,
be yourself to give birth to me,
use my stillness to ease your strife
   the scene, you on the bed tonight
complete, in the phantom light
of the city, in this fleeting land,
ever holding an empty hand



Dark home family childhood, My friends and family are my life and my acquaintances are my life, Internal infinite kingdom, Skeleton framework of location/existence comes to--Cellular reds respirating--life 

you can stare and be conquered by the chaos of the peaceful sea

or you can shut your eyes to the watery blaze

and try to submerge the sound of waves

deep in panicked aversion

but still it crashes and crashes and still it crashes it crashes still it crashes still