the tablet

i present to you a letter of woven reeds that spells the names of all your children and their children until the last child of this universe. you discard it on the ground in favor of an apple of the tree of apples even though i gave you a more bountiful tree of knowledge from which to eat. you shame yourselves with superstitions about seeds of trees and seeds of snakes and rules about women and what women consume. my letter to you is ground over eons into ground and groundwater unread and unreadable anymore. you build cities from the trees of apples and ships from the roots of ores and make more rules about what to consume. unreading, you long to write, searching for a way to create an indestructible tablet that states your names and the names of all your children.


aphorisms of the worm

cleanliness is next to godliness, i.e. down the toilet
where there's a will, there's a way, i.e. six feet under
home is where the heart is, i.e. ash in the wind
follow your dreams, i.e. to the void

man's best friend

death wants a master
to belong to a tribe
but i ain't a leader
or the sociable type

death needs attention
to know he's got worth
and harden his resolve
in the bleak face of birth


i'll throw death a bone
if't means he'll quit cryin'
so long's he can serve
in the hunt and in dyin'

who's pullin' whose leash
is it prey or a whim
will he follow me?
or am i chasin' him