she woke in sadness. the dream-goodbye fell away, as the curtain of dawn slips from the granite face. she was left in longing, unrested, alone in the whispering valley. she looked up at the dark wall, the kingless castle in the sky, and willed it to crumble. it did not. she looked away. the dream-goodbye is gone but not far, circling high overhead.



uh uh uh huhuh uh uhuh huhh huh ecstatic
embrace me gently, skeletonly
into the night intently
dark-en-ing so sweetly
uh huh uh uh huh huh uh uh uhhh ecstatic
uh uh uh uh huhuh uh uh uh ecstatic
come on baby
get off me baby
repair imper-a-tive-ly
it's light-en-ing already
dawn has started thrusting
uh uh ecstatic-ly