mameshiba; maaya sakamoto

i used to lay on my bed for what seemed like hours listening to this song on repeat. the last part sounds like flying, like continuation, like it's ceasless, but then it ceases, so i listen to it again. and again. she sings:

dare yori hayaku tadoritsuite miseru yo kimi no moto e
kataku shibaritsuketeru nibui hikari no ito wo sutete ageru
asa ga tooku natte mo ame ga tatakitsukete mo
kimi no moto e

Faster than anyone else I will reach you where you are
I will throw away for you the strands of dull light that tightly bind you
Although the morning may become distant, although the rain may beat down
To where you are

the video is cute but not as glorious as the sonic build at the end.


let the heat of youth shutter your windows, keep your disowned memories cool, foregone beauty sidelined, you're not a plant, you're not a seed, you're not a child, you're not in need, be

stalwart, fixed, not rolling around
in the leaves in the least in the leaves in the least...
(i can't believe the feeling)

indoors musty refined and unseen, pin a lattice of light across statue's face with bronze eyes peering through thin open space at that plant (is not me) at that child (was not me) in the leaves in the least in the leaves in the least (i'm moving past me) save such dreams for the sheets