deep thoughts

how can i make a gmail filter that automatically deletes corporate holiday greeting emails?

if thoreau had spent his 2+ years on walden pond hashtagging his daily life on instagram and collecting likes, i wonder if he'd have learned the same lessons.

am i maybe leaning too hard on the crutch of technology when i tell siri to remind me to eat a granola bar tomorrow morning?


spam love

can we please just take a moment to appreciate the accidental joy that is dirty spam mail? this fine morning, one Sheryl writes me:
You Have An Urgent F%%k Message
I desire to have some wet night!
Need a sex in my office At first we are going to do some butt stuff
Do you want to see me undressed? Bye cutie



trying to land
or taking off
or maintaining altitude?
all of the above
none of the below
cut loose in the wobbling blue


you are sick
made dumb
handed a megaphone
and an ice cream cone.
  unknown slaughter
  is ideal war


i'm busy these days!
i keep.
being busy.
doing fills my days
doing fills me up
with a bloated nothing


swirling thru the circuitry of death
switching on to switch off to switch.
is the measure of mental health
a lack of leaks
a count of caught exceptions
an immaculate implementation