hello unknown

close your eyes. take a deep breath. imagine you are in a white space. here in this place there are no boundaries. there is no ground, no ceiling, no walls. there is no up or down. you are suspended in it. not floating, not stuck. there is no gravity. there is no distance, other than the distance from your eyes to your fingers and toes. you feel light and unfettered. your body is of little value in this white space, for you cannot sit or stand or walk or swim because there is no resistance or distance upon which your movement is based. you can wave your limbs and contort your body, but you are weightless and at ease. imagine yourself in this place without beginning or end.

now imagine you have a special power. when you swallow hard and deliberately in your throat, you can turn your body inside out and like a sock, engulfing it in the empty endless white. imagine that if you turn yourself inside out like this, you would vanish and only the white would remain. to make this happen, you would simply need to concentrate and swallow, and in doing so you would obliterate the "i" in "i am." you would not be, but everywhere would. prepare to dissolve. now, swallow.