Death a glass
Filled with
Doesn’t matter Maggie take
A sip
A breath
A blonde impertinence
I will wait
Luxuriate my precious doll
My manly vision
Ribbons, ribbons
a woman’s worth is a woman’s hurt

her loss for words
It forwards
The notion of partnership
Good breeding, Virginity
A Man looks outward
a woman
Is looked upon

It is all birthing
Or nothing
I admit I cannot make it out
Propertarian of mind
Deflect, own



the sound of death is bells
not the sound of dying, not the process
it's the sound of being 
the sound is bells ringing
unheardly, gorgeous, purposeless 
not a wail or wimper
not from mouths
but bells just bells
the scent the touch the taste
of lifelessness is not
scents, touches, or tastes,
not bells the objects,
not their odors of corrosion, their cracks, their ammonian notes
but the stark felt absence of those
in the stark felt presence of the sound of
death is


are you waiting for
is this all about
was it
the fuck
is the meaning of this
will happen

can it be
shall we have
do you want
have i done
would it take
is it
should i do

have you heard
did you say
would you like


on the way to the end
i passed a servant of god
we pretended to not see each other
but then i arrived and felt lonesome
and couldn't go back


you're working hard every day
each night you try to sleep by listening to the rush of working hard every day
so you can try to sleep every night


moon world forming,
midnight, foaming,
starts to rise.
the heart, grieved, forlorning,
stoning, with the sun.


The imitations of life are gilded
and surrounded by an armamentarium
of mental ballasts,
advertorials of mind,
medicines and magazines,
and lord, so many photos.
They are icons, and they multiply.
Icons of icons of icons.

I'll stop defining myself.
In the Moorish style, my selfhood
won't be depicted, recursively, in myself,
yet I'll be hiding in plain sight
from you, from me,
in the interlaced patterns
on my temple's walls.

There's an endless story being told,
and the teller is the listener
is the protagonist.
He seems familiar, but I don't know him.
It is late, it is eternal.
I douse the fire, go to sleep,
and dream of nothing.


always, mirror, bruise

Relieved, believe the lie
believe the bored will never
sigh, but rapt and dazzled
- remain at your side

Why challenge the ruse
why decipher the trick
take the smoke and
- as a gentler magic

Hold fast to the joy
that holds fast to you
its grip and spreading
- are traces of the truth



  • live webcam footage of man grooming himself in bathroom mirror while muttering blandishments he learned from a self-help book
  • subtitles [ (man speaking foreign language) ]
  • scroll to settings, system, advanced, update system from package, insert black market drive w/ jailbreak file
  • restart system
  • return to webcam 200544
  • man is gone, mirror empty
  • subtitles [ ]
  • man returns, spits out toothpaste, grins as if practicing being human, resumes muttering blithe self-affirmations 
  • subtitles [you have nothing, nothing left, nothing but your sins, well, sins are enough aren't they, your actions must be paid, even to death, even beyond death]
  • uninformative, change channel


discover less to become more
the feet you land on land on land off all known maps
please don't leave/take a flag/photo
please do forget mismemorize the thought
always there never here never found so never lost

stay seeking downward corebound endward level
unfold your life into proton gossamer
gain the lack all threads go slack
a little pull until it snaps


always only even

always only even
though as it seems
even still in terms
of notwithstanding
although would
rather and knowing
that in consideration
then whichever
with that assumption
all told but also it's
finally done take anything

my baby i love i love the war my love is something to offer you tonight tonight only always only even though as it seems even still in terms of notwithstanding although would rather and knowing that in consideration then whichever with that assumption all told but also it's finally done take anything


i can say i love,
my body my singing blood, você
ten thousand dawns aren't that many
dez mil sóis, one afternoon, a blossom
of gold becomes the sky, becomes
attestation of affection, affection
when you're sitting where i can see you, i can see you
count one canary,
forty-thousand begging stamens,
a million glistening honey pots
as nil, not to be summed
my open throat of adoration, my petal
i see you i see you i see you
i see you
and see you
our joy
our joy is a horn erupting i praise you, i praise you
embrace me heal elevate me, affection
affection affection, carinho carinho carinho


touch me
that's heaven
else i am
else-if i’m not
playing in a graveyard
with corpses
no more weakness
no more lack
the truth is

touch me god
must i admit
may i submit
the mind is only dreaming
else i am
always alone
always free

no more weakness, no
more anymore
only men
only love me
just for a bit


                 i remember a
               bird ripped apart
                  downy gore
                 my own hands
               soft, destruction
                  i was lost
                not looking up
                mute as stone
                 as a means of
           de de de depar tur ture depa 
        departure departure departure depart 
     departure depart no remember departure 
  depart departurei sky departure departure depart departure   
  departure departblood, torn apart departure departure  
 departure depart my own, selfdeparture depart departure
  departure departi was, destruction departure departure depart
 departure departure departure departure departure departure
depart departure departure departure departure 


big adventure

how? is
it? going
the watcher -
lack of progress -
looks away.
working hard
or hardly working!
at growing old
daily practice
good, and yours?
the smallest death
my big adventure



hey slut
what’s the meaning
of having said that
you like that don’t
you let me know
i’m looking forward
to whom it may
concern another time
then yeah hit me
up for better or
worse i’d reconsider
what are you
into if i were
you that ship has
sailed ok maybe



open call to
empty note

turns off the living

calm, remote

my god, my father
begat, bespoke

i spat your name

it made me choke

the foiled title
the word unwrote

states: am, becoming

completes the joke


Death is kind; death does not envy; death does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Death has no fear; it does not worry; death keeps no records of wrongs; never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.


this is golden boy

he was found cold and wet and he was very afraid of people

we took him in and fed him and gave him blankets and lots of reward systems

pretty soon his optimism spread like a virus

and now his smile, color, and height

obliterate dissent in groups

it didn't take him long to learn that life could be good

he is very friendly and kisses everyone

but mostly he loves to eat and play

he remembers nothing of his original state

he no longer even comprehends suffering

thanks to the kind contributions of people like you


virus replicates
deer gives birth
wall is built
by whom

rock was
quasar is
being becomes
purpose applied
by whom
to whom

it's you
are you
you are
then not
not you
but are


"i look fat in this one..." she thought
but what she post
dumb dreaming bitch
phasing in and out of extinction for likes likes likes
do the glitter of her death throes dazzle
baby baby 👶
death death 💀
need 💎
make god rue the day she rested
mad prismatic validates rates wails for attention
#blessed to impress bluelit excess


we are

we are synthesized
and soon realize
that time never gives back

we are created
and then donated
to Living, forcibly
to enduring facticity

we are loaned our selves
and we borrow death
or is it theft
some go to the light,
you choose right
i go left


Now isn't the time or treason to say yes or no when maybe is what we need. The joy of sex of gun and bullet, the curiosity, the cunt of it. The pain no gain and disregard. The lack of control smacks of control. Go beyond hello, a casual remark leaves no mark. The abandonment. What would you know, you weigh it up, but can't keep count.

They’ve got a way to fix it
I’ve been hearing great things but
It’s inexplicable and
Cost-prohibitive and
Do you want to look into it cuz
Your head’s not on right
Can you see that, look
Here, there
Is a thing that’ll help
Ask your doctor
If it's right for you
But it’s less a pill and
More a belief -
More like delusion
Than relief