a la carte


bloated corpse of a concrete-colored sky
ripped in half by something alive
excessively alive
a blight on empty air


Pain - Expression - I.
songs to live by
pillars on the old, old road
on the way forward
from the way backward
built in mineral - strong, sequentially, and slanted
by imperfect minds, now dust.
the continuous line of work of man
forms an asymptote of immortality


urge then action then judgement.
soft segregations into
 good v bad 
 woe v rage
 proximal v distal
easy to lose the lust
small bursts of ejaculate
splatter ineffectually on plastic

Would you rather

Would you rather die in a fire or by drowning or by Disgust, literally.
And what would it take.
To what.
Be that disgusted.
Something worth killing me, something with the actual power, a thing I didn't have the power to stop and the weight of shame crushes my chest like a bag of cement.
Like what.
A bag of cement.
No, like what would that disgusting thing be.
Oh I dunno.
So you live.

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  1. How does someone follow someone. I made that comment on the joanna newsom divers lyrics a long time ago that you commented on and I remembered I clicked your profile and read some of your poetry and I liked it quite well. Well I am writing again and am looking to connect with others who are writing who I think will understand or relate to what I'm saying. Here's my blog, hope to hear back. Just looking for poem friends. https://bringing-it-all.blogspot.com/