me, the non-man, and you in the glass

today sky and water form one colorless canvas
"i want to dissipate"
curtains of water hung from high
rustle across the pavement
the man on the loading dock isn't moving
"isn't a man"
and all the drains and gates have rusted
i look at my chest darken in a cracked glass
"all the people caught in the net"
keep hidden indoors, dry in their cubes
while the bleakness enlarges
"and stains us
me, the non-man, and you in the glass"

me in the glass:
"there's a man on the loading dock and a vibration in the highway, summoning, saying death, saying sway stagger lift, they wear me out, they'd knock me down if they didn't pass through me see i'm not on the axis, i'm not on the plane, elevated away in a chemical stream a safe blood from the cold call the nearness the fall to the cold, the call, the nearness of--his eyes don't penetrate, the cars will go through me"

the non-man:

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