a chronology of musical associations

  • early tori amos = high school, misery
  • bright eyes = early college
  • imogen heap, certain duran duran, bic runga's drive = quasi first love
  • bic runga's beautiful collision, boat = tokyo
  • low's curtain hits the cast = leaving, returning, failing, leaving1
  • damien rice, certain emiliana torrini, death ambient = first bf, both apartments
  • archer prewitt, broken social scene, arcade fire, antony & the johnsons = mori-machi
  • donnie & seiko, mew = early days of current bf
  • nina simone, mia, joanna newsom, kate bush = friends of late days of columbia
  • cocteau twins, faye wong's xing bu lai = me

1i am looking south - i am sailing south
across an ocean that smells like you
that tastes like you inside my mouth
your eyes one deeply generous view -
a lilting, wet, atlantic blue

sprawled bare upon the weathered boards
i see a keen arc cut the sky -
as though the cloud was shorn by sword -
then light pours out so bright that i
must shield from you my weeping eyes

because though wrought for leaning toward
such light - from burden bright they shy
extracted from their dark accord
alike the heart, in use denied


  1. i love bic runga. where is she living these days?

  2. apparently under a rock. i never hear about her anymore, at least in the US. :(