touch me
that's heaven
else i am
else-if i’m not
playing in a graveyard
with corpses
no more weakness
no more lack
the truth is

touch me god
must i admit
may i submit
the mind is only dreaming
else i am
always alone
always free

no more weakness, no
more anymore
only men
only love me
just for a bit


                  i remember a
                  bird ripped apart
                  blood, feathers
                  my own hands
                  soft, destruction
                  i was lost
                  not looking up
                  mute as stone
                  as a means of
           de de de depar tur ture depa 
        departure departure departure depart 
     departure depart no remember departure 
  depart departurei sky departure departure depart departure   
  departure departblood, torn apart departure departure  
 departure depart my own, selfdeparture depart departure
  departure departi was, destruction departure departure depart
 departure departure departure departure departure departure
depart departure departure departure departure departure departure