"i look fat..." she trailed off
dumb dreaming bitch
phasing in and out of extinction for likes likes likes!

the glitter of her death throes dazzle you baby
"baby baby baby death death death" with diamonds
make god rue the day she rested!

the mad prismatic language of the pink plastic storefront
screams a contemporary tongue
shouts its whole lexicon at our stupid faces: "buy buy buy!"


left v right

we're synthesized
and soon realize
that time never gives back

we are created
and we're donated
to Living, forcibly
to enduring facticity

we are loaned our selves
and we borrow death
or is it theft
some go to the light,
you choose left
i go right


Now isn't the time or treason to say yes or no when maybe is what we need. The joy of sex of gun and bullet, the curiosity, the cunt of it. The pain no gain and disregard. The lack of control smacks of control. Go beyond hello, a casual remark leaves no mark. The abandonment. What would you know, you weigh it up, but can't keep count.

They’ve got a way to fix it
I’ve been hearing great things but
It’s inexplicable and
Cost-prohibitive and
Do you want to look into it cuz
Your head’s not on right
Can you see that, look
Here, there
Is a thing that’ll help
Ask your doctor
If it's right for you
But it’s less a pill and
More a belief -
More like delusion
Than relief