world line

in 12000 BC a boy realized 

i know we don't know

as the mountain slept

and woke a thousand times

until 1998 in physics

mr. samson said we don't know

follow me to the mountain

sleep and dream under centuries of sheets

of rain and snow

after years of graduate archeophysics

i found his skeletal remains

sleeping with the mountains

i know he didn't know

we are bonded in

unknowable knowledge that

everything is layered

everything is every thing 

everything is a stratum of illusion and error

everything is mountains is sand is composed of the smallest possible amount of matter which still retains its identity as a chemical element and is not composed of other subatomic particles, that follows statistics describing the distribution of particles over energy states in systems consisting of many identical particles that obey the quantum mechanical principle which states that two or more identical fermions (particles with half-integer spin) cannot occupy the same quantum state within a quantum system simultaneously and generally have half odd integer spin 1/2, 3/2 etc except particles with the same mass, mean lifetime, and spin as their respective particles carrying a fractional electric charge, but the electric charge and other charges have the opposite sign and the particles that have a reversed world line to an elementary particle that has a spin of 1/2 and does not interact via the strong nuclear force of mountains of sand



father sits in sister's spot, strange. then mother, strange!
where is sister where is sister for many nights
father howls then mother howls louder, oh! so scary up to the bright dark
then brothers too and me too i howl hurt, our howls so scary and not calling sister
we howl and howl and howl together, same, alone
then mom stops so i stop we stop, and no sound
i hear, i see, song is done, sister is done


aquatic missionary

born then brutalized
the serpent tries to eat itself
we watch bored
like god, that drunken judge
i dare him
to send satan to hell ahead of me

my wishful sinking arises on
the deepest ascent alone
i breach the glassy veil and launch lifted
into the inverted world, free
suspended and suffocating


mixed up

birds of a feather think alike

great minds flock together

i wear my heart close to my chest

you carry your cards on your sleeve

all's fair in love and spoils

to the victor goes the war


How a stamen sees a fish is how I sense my kind Billions of individuals with one mind asking Where Do I come from Where am I going There is nature Here is me And there is  Nature in the miles of wire The moon in the laptop The wind in the washing machine

Patience Independence From a singular many Trillions of parts With one mind answering How a stamen can see a fish Can I sense Billions and trillions Where do Am I Go I There is 


i want to
do is
fast asleep

can anyone stop the night
can anyone stop

wherever i look is nowhere 
whoever i recall is twilit

no more
all i want to do is
fast asleep


where are you
i'm identifying
i remember feeling very glad
when he expressed that
he was glad
to have expressed
here i am
identifying the feeling
of being sad that time
when you didn't express
that you were
there with me
saddened by my sadness
gladdened by my gladness
feeling safe to express
even safe to withdraw
here with you
where am i