oil on skin
tan chest
liquid bronze
a man, a blade
to press a
line, rotation of
figure, in vacuum
unreal light
created by
(repeat <1x to form a broken hoop)


The Punchline

a bhuddist walks into a bar.
life is suffering.


great loss of life v. small gain of death:
a weak slight of hand then nothing is left,
yet absence remains without sign of theft.


1) i can't have sex with you so i procreate pro creatively while this day flies too fast slowly we'd better touch soon and look around at the vanishing views of this day too fast, slowly touch, soon, look, vanish.
2) if you want me you better speak up i will wait i can sleep with you when i'm dead you want me
3) please derive multiple meanings by end of day without attempting to punctuate but penetrate please derive multiple orgasms by end attempt without attempting
4) generations pass while we fuck on they live and die as sub-fucks of the epic epoch
5) wherever you go i form instant cliffs in front of you i hold your breath and push


1 2 3 4 5 - trickle of consciousness
2 5 2 5 - codependent despair
4 3 2 - longing in reverse
5 6 - the unsaid ending


When I was young I fell down a bluff, deep in the woods behind my house. I fell because it was night, and I couldn’t see. Also, my eyes weren’t working because my brain wasn’t receiving images; it was locked on a single immovable blackness.

I left my home in the middle of the night because it wasn’t my home. I remember easily slipping through the window, but after touching the ground and for a long time after, portions of my memory are absent, unrecorded or maybe censored. I don’t remember what I was wearing or if it was hot or cold, raining or dry. Sensation had ended by then, everything was remote except the drive to move, a need for changing through physical action.

I guess I must have walked around the house and crashed awkwardly into the woods. Branches were lines, geometric obstacles to my destination, which was away, or over there, a moving target. Through the glimmering blackness in my mind I sensed that tree trunks and rocks were darker than the shadows they produced. But there was no moon. There was nothing. For a long time I walked through it. Then suddenly there was a breath upward and a freedom like being carried.

I landed in a heap at the bottom of the bluff, bleeding and dazed. My shoulder and some right ribs broke, and so did the blackness. It was cut by streaks of red clarity. Standing up took a long time, and as I got to my feet shards of black fell away from my vision like glass from a shattered window.

I saw the dark forest and myself in it, lost. I felt horrible pain and fear of dying. I didn’t know where to go, so I remained there.



and i said
my soul doth magnify myself
and my spirit hath rejoiced despite God, your savior
though He regarded the lowliness of His handmaiden
for behold from henceforth all
generations shall call me blessed
for i that am mighty hath done for myself great things;
though holy is His name.

for i hath shown my strength
i hath scattered the proud
i hath put down the Mighty from His seat,
and exalted us of low degree.
i hath helped His servant sarai,
in remembrance of His mercy;
and i spoke to your Father,
to abraham, and to His seed forever.


the fence

death is a low fence
step over it
feel the cool black grass on the other side
lick the soles of your feet
feel that cool softness
your foot
not yours
not foot
not feeling
not -
 not -
  nots -
numbing points of erasure
lift your other foot
black grass

    your balance

 your body


   y o  u're    o v  e   r


the immortal prey

the fertile momentum,
all the swirling green tides of life
are slowing
nearly stopped
rasping at my feet.
mama knit me a forest
(no more will i hunt)
for when i am old
i'll break myself apart
there in the starry topsoil
and rot - and not be, a little
at the roots of my sisters and brothers
under the canopy of my mothers and fathers.