etc + taiwan

we’re full up and ravenous
delighted and vomitous
in fistfuls, in eyefuls
a hot purging cycle
more upon more
upon more upon more
upon more upon more upon
more upon more
up, on, whore
up, on, body
this wreck
some less
some left
for snacks
for shit
i’m lovin’ it


i want to record (somew)here that i went to taiwan and had a wonderful time. explaining why is hard, so i will just say that my favorite day of the trip was the second to last when
the wind was light
the temple empty
the mountain steep
my troubles petty.
i wouldn’t say
i woke from dreaming
but rather dreamt
a woken feeling


a slow pour from an opaque jar
with unbreakable surface immeasureable volume unending flow
yet evaporating
filled emptied refilled
from no source for no reason by no one
a viscous joy

unheld, the vessel tilts away
snapping slowly silently the stream of honey


summer root

we sound good
we sound gold
hey you’re sick of
loud we should be good
huh we’ll catch up good

killing and quickly kept up

find me without the stinking city
slam down the crowd of city gold
each time you’re feeling good
she said she’s coming
the sun is falling
find me inside the
well she’s coming
i’m coming free down
like a fairy tale

kneel down to sun now
the dream is around the corner
a me is not a you now
you say i’m not listening
keep the call out

we sound good

me and you round and sick of
you and me and me and you
unheeding lain out
unpeeling played out
i'm so glow and without
wow we’re so gold not old
waves are sinking
a thought is thinking
could you be good


the stone of the statue is peeling away
under the boredom of time’s soft trot.
the here of where is more a question
yet unasked, more a when than an answer

our families call this world a forest
but i see four corners and an exit sign.
rotting in the open mirror, i am convinced
of my beauty as a function of its decay

wherefore art thou idiot romeo, come
bring useless aid of your body and your love.
these banal delights have banal ends
let us die here and now not where or when

flee toward the flickering sign, leap
thru exit's threshold into thine granite eternity
of an affordable memorial statue, Made in USA
proclaiming, here rests (face and name eroded)



did you see that
that man staring at me
what's his problem
some people. can't mind their own

do you think that
he saw something
(maybe anything?
where there's nothing)
what's he trying to prove
who's he think he is
(or isn't or i am) anyhow

(i live in a box
with a bunch of maggots
feeding on the filth
of a rotting bone)

they push and they stare
and they don't know a damn thing
(about the box or the filth or the bone)


first run's over.
i'm pennies now
price can't be printed
or figured out

my selfhood is the only cost
on the line (not in the bill)

externalized by God's kind Hand
unpaid with His good Will


He makes many
i'm less than few
my soul is forfeit
when overdue