a man drowning
gasping emptily
wide eyed wild
sea water pouring into him
flailing flashing life,
every dumb step
a spasm in his lungs
compounding the pain
the pain of memory
the shameful parade
the pain of drowning
he wants to scream
but lacks the air

a gust of light
on angel wings
descends from sun
quickly arm outstretched
her hand
he knows this radiant hand
his hope is an arrow to it
her blessed fingers press
between his frenzied eyes
downward gently
into the churning sea
to quiet him
to hush the tantrum
of his life

Be leaf

"Be leaf to know belief,"
sang tree to seed on stormy reach -
One screaming wrenching
every child she'd
never leave'd


The Aquamarine Chariot
charges to land's beginning
outpacing even
the winds’ own wheels
Its glass facade splinters in bolts -
Stampeding, unheeding
while gathering ire
unsheathing and speeding
to the island of fire -

Waves hurl herselves
awash in bells
(the tireless mortal sea
debased in her futility)
at Land, her lord
to hurt or horde
the foreign swimmers,
shells and glimmers
of sandy bottles
cracked ashore


daytime tv

transcribed on
black ribbon:
"can you help us
brunch h ? []"
smiling blonde
a plant
for the host
she looks
like she
in heaven
her lips are from hell
steve harvey's face
ghastly plastic
above closed
scrambled captions
"brunc h grls club i am 25"
this blonde beacon
is pushing forty
is not blonde
pan to seated
female smiles
in bright jewel tones


who are the gods

blood flows in ditches on the road from rome
who are the gods
that call men home
to vacant deaths on slave-made stone

where are their seats at the table of the dead
the banquet prepared
the men well fed
who speaks the prayer and breaks the bread

the empty chamber can hold no more

what more beyond sour sweat and blood
must stain the teeth
of their ancient brood
must gild the mildew on their putrid food

the empty chamber is never full


man under

knowing the water's depth is my name
in the glowing tidal break of okay sweet-
heart don't cry, i love you, that same
old game of forgetting,
           and getting, and shame

the only way out is out's what insiders claim
we love a man in uniform and barely born
his unwon prize his size, as manly pain
breaks plain upon his ego,
            bulging below my boyish frame