the immortal prey

the fertile momentum,
all the swirling green tides of life
are slowing
nearly stopped
rasping at my feet.
mama knit me a forest
(no more will i hunt)
for when i am old
i'll break myself apart
there in the starry topsoil
and rot - and not be, a little
at the roots of my sisters and brothers
under the canopy of my mothers and fathers.


Initialize me

Primary I2 C Serial Communications Interface....
IMU-3000 Betrayal Circuit communicating to system processor using I2 C serial interface; entity acting as slave; communicating to system processor. 
Warning: E-motion upgrade failure; Self Hood not detected.
Multi-threading Computational Solitude....
LSB of the of the I2 C slave address is set by pin 9 (AD0). 
IMU-3000 secondary I2 C bus communicating to off-chip 3-axis digital output: Altruistic Service Bus. Attempting Bus operating mode 1: I2 C Master Mode; IMU-3000 acting as master to external Regret Collector...
Failure; max buffer size reached.
Connecting to the secondary I2 C bus; attempting Pass-Through Mode; IMU-3000 directly connected to primary and secondary I2 C buses together; system processor indirectly communicating with God Proxy...

Entity initialized...

>> |


pop song

i know that you've been waiting for it
boy i've been waiting too
i know you got that fever for me
but i'm nine'y eight point six, see?

don't touch my body
don't throw me down
or wrestle me around
or try to play

i'll make you feel nothing
don't touch my body
want my legs around your waist?
let me wrap my hands
around your neck
baby just a little taste

don't touch my body
trynna lay me on the floor
boy i know you love my curves
let me give you what you deserve



A maze of red sand
under red sun
ceaselessly shifting
rearranging in red wind
You are lost in the labyrinth
The Way moves like a snake
before you
behind you
The exit scatters
The dead end rolls away
while the red eye looks all directions


a la carte


bloated corpse of a concrete-colored sky
ripped in half by something alive
excessively alive
a blight on empty air


Pain - Expression - I.
songs to live by
pillars on the old, old road
on the way forward
from the way backward
built in mineral - strong, sequentially, and slanted
by imperfect minds, now dust.
the continuous line of work of man
forms an asymptote of immortality


urge then action then judgement.
soft segregations into
 good v bad 
 woe v rage
 proximal v distal
easy to lose the lust
small bursts of ejaculate
splatter ineffectually on plastic

Would you rather

Would you rather die in a fire or by drowning or by Disgust, literally.
And what would it take.
To what.
Be that disgusted.
Something worth killing me, something with the actual power, a thing I didn't have the power to stop and the weight of shame crushes my chest like a bag of cement.
Like what.
A bag of cement.
No, like what would that disgusting thing be.
Oh I dunno.
So you live.


the rim of the sea
is chipped

sails furl
and float away
we tilt

beads of rain
rise from the ocean
to fall on black clouds


god yawns
yet even so
yes even he
the sun a candle
blown out