this is golden boy

he was found cold and wet and he was very afraid of people

we took him in and fed him and gave him blankets and lots of reward systems

pretty soon his optimism spread like a virus

and now his smile, color, and height

obliterate dissent in groups

it didn't take him long to learn that life could be good

he is very friendly and kisses everyone

but mostly he loves to eat and play

he remembers nothing of his original state

he no longer even comprehends suffering

thanks to the kind contributions of people like you


virus replicates
deer gives birth
wall is built
by whom

rock was
quasar is
being becomes
purpose applied
by whom
to whom

it's you
are you
you are
then not
not you
but are


"i look fat in this one..." she thought
dumb dreaming bitch smh

phasing in and out of extinction for likes likes likes
do the glitter of her death throes dazzle you baby
baby baby 👶 death death 💀 needs 💎

make god rue the day she rested
while the mad prismatic # of her sponsors
validates, rates, wails for attention
not shame shame shame but
#blessed to impress overtextz bluelit excessss


left v right

we're synthesized
and soon realize
that time never gives back

we are created
and then donated
to Living, forcibly
to enduring facticity

we are loaned our selves
and we borrow death
or is it theft
some go to the light,
you choose right
i go left


Now isn't the time or treason to say yes or no when maybe is what we need. The joy of sex of gun and bullet, the curiosity, the cunt of it. The pain no gain and disregard. The lack of control smacks of control. Go beyond hello, a casual remark leaves no mark. The abandonment. What would you know, you weigh it up, but can't keep count.

They’ve got a way to fix it
I’ve been hearing great things but
It’s inexplicable and
Cost-prohibitive and
Do you want to look into it cuz
Your head’s not on right
Can you see that, look
Here, there
Is a thing that’ll help
Ask your doctor
If it's right for you
But it’s less a pill and
More a belief -
More like delusion
Than relief


my withered hands soar over water
across islands, born and unborn
from and beyond the dim horizon
i lay crystalline lace
over cooling magma,
mossy visages of rock,
living mortals,
and their dead gods.
i tire
but cannot leave the loom
while there is light in the day
there is light in my eyes
unblinking, seeking and making
the invisible pattern -
i make and am made


i want you to take
nice easy breaths
in through your nose
and out through your mouth
i'm going to put my hands



and place just a few fingers here



just feeling for specific areas that may be holding
negative energy
perhaps here



down on your chin
over here



moving up your cheek
to alleviate any stress
much of this tension appears
to be spreading

focus on the air
leaving your lungs
'til it begins to soften
i'll be very careful
you're in the early
stages of annihilation
feel my hand



walking runner huh
cut to down emphatic
heavy setback
i see it!

feeling expansive
missing you less
minuscule deaths

reach me
please will die
swaying so
eating my emotions
selfish shrinking
heavy fault

feeling expansive
a missing you inside
honesty sickness air
a funeral infinite
won't reach me

eating away
quietness quietly
laughing at



answer me / truthfully

was it waste
was it lie
to hate, in haste,
cut, cum, comply,
and never cease
to not be chaste,
shirk recompense,
sincere reply?
or overreaching,
sink to preaching
of dangers of the
aimless life?

answer me / truthfully


when i was sick
like now
ain’t nobody come
round here
but i ain’t nobody

don’t wanna know you
i just wanna feel you


i got a bit of doubt
sensed i was worth more
til i tested it out


i'm feelin hard n' feelin hurt
been draggin myself around town,
tradin sorrow with guilt don't work
but ya gotta try, when you're down.
figure maybe i'm in love
or maybe i'm near death
mistakin every kindness
for 'nother borrowed breath.
hmm think i'll throw a party
to myself, in the spirit -
of farewell to my whole life
but i won't be there to see it.

^ in the style of belle & sebastian w/ a bit of american twang somehow. lots of lilting piano to break it up over ~2 minutes.


she woke in sadness. the dream-goodbye fell away, as the curtain of dawn slips from the granite face. she was left in longing, unrested, alone in the whispering valley. she looked up at the dark wall, the kingless castle in the sky, and willed it to crumble. it did not. she looked away. the dream-goodbye is gone but not far, circling high overhead.